Our Journey

Welcome to WishAlerts!

Let our mobile commerce platform and app, WishAlerts, take care of searching for the right product, service or adventure by automatically routing your wish, interests and desires to targeted local business providers near you.

Our Vision

To empower wishful thinkers to connect with small, independently-owned businesses that support the local economy.  We believe that the ability to connect users directly with service providers and local businesses is the key to reconnecting folks with their communities and creating more meaningful relationships, and at the same time, supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses. This approach empowers the local economy and takes us back to our roots, when life was more simple and people helped one another.  We believe that when local businesses thrive, we all thrive!



We envision a world where m-commerce is easy, fun and rewarding, and where local businesses can once again emerge and drive our economy.  

Our Promise

This app works!  Its genesis is based on people who need something nearby and need a reliable, safe App, to find it, order it and pay for it fast and easily.  We promise to uphold the value of quality, simplicity, privacy, security and freedom to find any local product or service without hidden fees, annoying contracts or distracting ads.  WishAlerts will never be in your way, but instead is a “magic wand” to help you get what you truly wish for and to help you connect with small locally-owned businesses so they can grow quickly and support the needs of their community.  


I’m Shane Amyx, founder and CEO of WishAlerts. As a world traveler, adventurer, and business owner, I saw first-hand how important it is for people in the community to find what they needed for their family — right here and right now.  I built a business in Liberia, West Africa supporting the local economy and environment; in this community, not being able to find what you needed was often a life or death scenario. From there my journey continued to other far off places such as Rio de Janeiro where interacting with local people and communities drew me to social justice and law and by doing so, instilled a dream in me, to find a way to use technology to help society, connect people, encourage small-business owners and fellow entrepreneurs and to do it all in a simple, helpful way that instills a sense of community, empowerment and connection. 

Years later as an Attorney in Miami, Florida, it dawned on me that even with all our technical advances, people still needed a fast and simple way to find what they needed, right here and right now, without spending ridiculous amounts of time searching the internet.

After sketching out my concept on the back of a napkin in a South Beach bar in 2011, (say “hi” to Ray and the gang at the Abbey), I came up with WishAlerts. In 2012, I was hashing out the concept and conducting research; taking road-trips and interviewing small-business owners throughout America from big cities to rural communities, such as along Route 12 around Blue Sulphur Springs and Alderson, West Virginia (where my mom’s family has been since the 1700’s), and down the Kentucky 8, along the Ohio River, to the Louisville area where my Dad grew up. I talked to service providers; former government officials, and local artisans and people looking for a way to find products or services, or looking to connect with prospective customers. And the story was the same – it’s hard to find what you need when you need it and it’s hard to connect with people. Somehow, the world-wide web made things more disconnected and you’d search for something in say, Hollywood, Florida, only to come up with search results in Hollywood, California. A waste of time.

In 2013, we finally began the development process - constantly keeping the user experience in the forefront.  By 2014, we were in full development mode with awesome illustrators and designers from Indonesia; business analysts in Morocco; genius tech-guys from India, and incredible marketing folks from a small town just outside London.

We launched our Beta app in December of 2015 and continued to gather feedback from the community, which resulted in an overhaul of the app in 2016, making a more intuitive, mobile-friendly experience by building two separate apps - one for users and one for small businesses.  Now people and business can connect directly with each other within their community without the “middle-man”.


Our main office is in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida, an emerging high-tech corridor on the Gulf of Mexico.  When we’re not in the office (which is rare these days!), you can find our US based-team cruising the waters around Cedar Key, Florida, or “where my heart is yearning and the old folks stay” – down upon the Suwannee River.  Our India office is in New Delhi in a thriving area where the WishAlerts “night-shift” team keeps the project moving 24/7.