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Set your favorite event categories and the desired radius around you, and you’ll never have to search again. You’ll always know about newly listed events that match exactly what you're looking for.

And wherever you go, your events are right there with you as WishAlerts is geolocation based. With WishAlerts, your life gets a little bit easier. You won't have to keep searching for events over and over.

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Better yet, start hosting your own events. You can create an event in seconds. It’s easy to create your own event whether it’s a private event or a public event. It’s a great way to connect with people around you.

Select your favorite event categories from tech meet ups, to live bands, to BBQ bash’s and ball games and most anything else you can think of.

Toggle on to off so no matter where you go, any event matching your wish will be automatically sent to you.

It’s that easy! You’ll never have to search again.

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